• January 18, 2016


As both sides in the same sex marriage debate adopt megaphone tactics to counter each others arguments Mec Vannin cuts to the quick with a piece on its news site which asks why is ‘behaviour that, at best be described as homophobic’ being given a platform as if it’s a valid argument.

Mec Vannin also pointedly argue that those peddling a fundamentalist argument seem to have a pick and mix approach to their interpretation of the religious texts (see below):

“Often you’ll see some people from a minority perspective emerge on the news to oppose equal rights for all people, and the news gladly gives them a platform to shout from making it incorrectly seem as though there are two sides to a debate with each having equal weighting. Supposed religious opposition to gay marriage is one such scenario where this happens. Behaviour that, at best, can be described as homophobic is treated as though it’s a valid argument where in reality it has zero validity in a rational world.

“The people who oppose gay marriage do so using their religious text for inspiration. Since they’re keen to follow the rules of that text we can only assume that they also refrain from eating fat, touching or eating pork, trimming their beards, cutting their hair at the sides, and eating shellfish of any kind: these are all things that are also outlawed by that same religious text. If they’re not refraining from those things it looks a bit like they may just be following their own prejudiced agenda. Do we have an alternative to offer in this case? Yes. Maybe stop spreading prejudiced animosity and actually read what your bible says about being good to all people, not just the bits that justify your discrimination.”

Mec Vannin has had a consistent equality agenda on this issue. Here’s an extract from Yn Pabyr Seyr twenty-five years ago when the Isle of Man and its government were resisting the calls for reform and decriminalisation:

“This nation will never he worthy of its name unless it allows equality and civil rights for all its people. The arguments against legalising homosexuality have been put loudly and clearly by many of our M.H.K.s. Some may believe what they say and others, more cynically, may not but, nonetheless, they display a degree of stupidity, ignorance and bigotry which makes me ashamed to be Manx, and therefore associated with it.

“I would say to our elected representatives, by all means stand up for yourselves and your electorate, but do it for the right reason, the worthy cause for in spite of what you may purport to believe, discrimination against people on the grounds of sexuality is not a reason or a worthy cause. There are some Manx people who do not wish to be sacrificed on the altar of “Manx” (i.e. Victorian evangelical) morality.”

Two and an half decades on it seems some want to rejuvenate old conflicts and justify the indefensible.

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