• October 28, 2018

Renewed controversy surrounds the death of Willie McRae in 1985. The death of the SNP political figure and environmentalist has been ruled a suicide by authorities although over the years ambiguities repeatedly arise to challenge that contention.

The latest controversy surrounds evidence from an intensive care nurse who treated McRae in hospital (NATIONAL link):


Last year we reported concerns about the failure to carry out basic enquiries and the fact the gun used had gone missing:

“New information suggests the gun which MacRae was supposed to have used to kill himself has disappeared from police evidence along with other crucial evidence about the case. It has also been revealed that the gun was not dusted for fingerprints and nor was any forensic evidence gathered at the death scene

John Finnie, a Green Party candidate for the Highlands and Islands, claims that long-standing interest in the case had always “been fuelled by a dearth of some fundamental information”. He added:

“The public will be rightly astonished that the weapon allegedly used in this case was neither fingerprinted nor subject to basic forensic examination”.

In 2007, it was first revealed that two statements were missing from the police files on the case. It is now understood that these statements were from former officers of the Northern Constabulary. And that both statements are missing from the Crown Office files on the case.”

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary
Celtic League

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