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It was dubbed the ‘House of horrors” where children were abused whilst the authorities looked the other way.

The Kincora boy’s home in Belfast was the scene of serious organised sex abuse of children in the 1970s. It was reputedly used by British Army Intelligence to acquire compromising evidence with which to blackmail members of the Loyalist community with little apparent thought for the lasting damage done to the young people in the home.

Allegations continue to surface over thirty years later that seem to conclusively link the British Intelligence Community to the abuse (link)


There have been calls for Home Secretary, Theresa May, to include the abuse at the Home in her statutory enquiry into child sex abuse. However it is clear the United Kingdom government wish to continue the cover up following this week’s announcement that Kincora will be outside the remit of the enquiry.

It is a further shocking betrayal of the victims of this ‘honey-trap’ which treated children like commodities.

May’s decision is all the more astonishing as the reason she advances for leaving Kincora out of this wide-ranging investigation is not credible. The Home Secretary says that the question of child protection is a devolved matter however she ignores the fact that the N I Assembly wants the enquiry to be included.

A more credible reason for May’s sensitivity to the ‘devolved status’ issue is that an enquiry set up by Stormont will not have the power to compel British Intelligence, the British Army and the MOD to co-operate.

That’s not just our view this is what Amnesty Internationals Patrick Corrigan, had to say:
“By excluding Kincora from the only inquiry which has the power to establish the truth about the role the intelligence services may have played in the paedophile ring, the Home Secretary risks looking like she is now playing her part in a decades-long cover-up,” he said.
“The Home Secretary says that child protection is a devolved matter. She is neatly ignoring the fact that the Northern Ireland Assembly unanimously supports the inclusion of Kincora in the Westminster inquiry, because it knows that the local inquiry has no powers to compel evidence from MI5 and the Ministry of Defence and that it does not have the confidence of victims or potentially crucial witnesses. Kincora should be investigated alongside claims of establishment involvement in child abuse rings in other parts of the UK. With new allegations emerging of links between Kincora and paedophile rings elsewhere in the UK, the case for inclusion has never been stronger.” (link):


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