• March 3, 2018

Marine waste and microplastics could be the cause of a record number of whale and dolphin strandings. This report in the Irish World newspaper speculates:

“The number of dolphins and whales washing up on Irish coasts reached record levels last year, according to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG)

Some 263 cetacean strandings were reported around all of Ireland, 44 more than the last highest level in 2013.
Dr Simon Berrow, chief science officer of The IWDG’s chief science officer said that the increase in strandings is “unprecedented”.

He told a Cork radio station: “At least 12 species were reported, with the common dolphin being by far the most common, with harbour porpoises a distant second.”

Full report here with a further link to a study on fish ingestion of microplastic in the deep oceans:


Bernard Moffatt
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