• January 17, 2016


A few weeks before Xmas Mec Vannin organised the first two of what are hoped to be a continuing programme of events to remember prominent persons on the Manx political and cultural scene.

A wreath was laid at the grave of Sophia Morrison who was undoubtedly a pivotal force in ensuring the continuity of Manx language, music and folklore at a particularly critical time for it.

Later the same day an illustrated talk was given on the Life and work of Colin Jerry (photograph) and his contribution to the revival of Manx music and dance in recent decades. The talk by Bob Carswell was excellent and extremely well researched and it was only when it was over that it occurred to me that in this day and age with the technology we have a video recording should have been made of it (a thought for future events).

Colin and what came to be a growing band of musicians ensured that Manx music was kept centre stage by not only playing at events around the island but maintaining almost without break for thirty years a weekly session in Peel (first in the Central and later at the Whitehouse Hotel). Its testament to how far the reputation of this music session carried that over the years individuals and media from all over the world turned up to see and listen to the music. The session however was not just an airing of the music it was an opportunity for musicians to exchange ideas which ensured that as well as being sustained the music scene evolved.

Bob Carswell remarked at the end of his talk that it was sad that in recent years the session had fallen off and become somewhat sporadic and expressed a hope that a revival of fortunes might occur. It has to be pointed out at this point that although the Central/Whitehouse session was at one time virtually the only venue for good Manx traditional music in recent years various venues in both the North and South of the Island periodically host such sessions today.

Anyway perhaps some folk heeded Bob’s message because there was an excellent session of Manx traditional music at the Whitehouse this weekend!

The Manx music scene is alive and well today and in many ways that’s an ongoing testament to those twin figures we honoured last year!

The commemoration of prominent figures I understand will continue in 2016.


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