• February 4, 2016


Here are some examples of the Chief Minister’s ‘we must have growth whatever the cost’ utterances;

‘The last thing I want is the Isle of Man concreted over and the rights of people trampled over in the pursuit of that. But this has to be balanced with a recognition that the needs of the economy have to play a part in planning policy as well. It’s got out of balance at the moment.’

and more:

‘The concept of the Strategic Plan while good in principle is not being applied in the way it was originally intended. When it was brought in there was a clear expectation that the new approach would be flexible and could be adapted to changing circumstances. That hasn’t happened.’

and more:

‘We will continue to promote and support the creation of growth that brings more jobs to our island. We will better use our reserves to stimulate economic growth, drive innovation and support investment in capital infrastructure where it will create jobs and support growth.’

and more:

‘Above all, though, the Island’s economic success story is a tribute to the enterprise, professionalism and sheer hard work of the people in the business community who have made it happen.’ Well thank goodness we have them how can we ‘reward’ them!

Add to this his interminable mumblings about ‘not being out of the woods’ and ‘there will be more pain’ etc etc and it’s a wonder that mental health problems on the Isle of Man are not at epidemic proportions.

Fortunately they are not but personal debt probably is!

The government excuse for this ‘fiscal paranoia’ over the past few years is that the Island has had a reduction in its share of VAT and we have accumulated debt plus the on costs of government.

However just a few miles east lies an Island that has got a real debt mountain (see graphic) and I don’t see the United Kingdom government saying to the public ‘its all doom and gloom and you will have to pay through the roof prices for food, energy and everything to get us out of this hole’. But that’s the unchallenged message we get pouring out of Manx Radio every week from Bell and his acolytes!

Increasingly I believe that we are being ‘taken for a ride’ by the Manx government and the business sector. It’s a dear ‘ride’ to because by 2020 we will have shelled out £50 million pounds from the reserves.

Your pocket is being emptied; your reserves are being spent. Ask yourself who is benefiting? Also ask yourself why at the weekly pantomime in the Tynwald building the difficult questions are not being posed?


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