• August 4, 2017

A positive response here from Agriculture Minister, Geoffrey Boot MHK, following the emergency resolution adopted at the Celtic League AGM on the issue:


The Minister avers much is going on ‘behind the scenes’ as he puts it.

Mr Boot says he was surprised to hear of the resolution. He would perhaps also be surprised that this is no ‘rubber-stamp’ or soundbite by the League. The AGM included delegations from Scotland, Wales and Ireland and indeed for the resolution to be adopted those delegates who have the interests of their own countries at heart had to be reassured what is proposed does not damage their interests. They were and it was adopted unanimously.

I do hope that the Manx government, as the Minister seems to say, are on the front foot on the issue and with an input yesterday from the industry (also carried on Manx Radio) if nothing else the AGM decision has prompted a discussion about this vital resource.

Image: Agriculture Minister, Geoffrey Boot MHK, (Left) at the launch of an initiative to promote Manx Produce

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