• February 21, 2010

A graphic insight into the operations of the anti-daubing police patrols operating on the Isle of Man has been provided by a young man who contacted the General Secretary (GS) of the Celtic League, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot. He recounts his experiences when stopped on the Douglas – Peel road about a month ago:

“Just to let you know….

I was trying to hitch a lift home to Peel from Douglas in the wee hours after a Christmas do (nobody else was going back to Peel, lift fell through etc.). As it was, there were hardly any cars heading back and nobody stopped.

You can imagine my glee when a van stopped for me at Ballacraine. Unfortunately this soon evaporated when it turned out to be a Police van (I couldn’t see for the torch being shone in my face), the occupants then set about questioning me in great detail. I suggested that if I had perchance been spraying the road it would be a little audacious of me to then attempt to hitch a lift with the police.

I was asked what I had in my pockets, where I’d been and where I was going. They offered me a lift home but this turned out to be an excuse to further their questioning. Had I heard of the movement? What did I think of it? Did I have any I.D.? What was my date of birth and address?

I asked them to drop me off in Peel town center but they insisted upon dropping me at my front door and watched me walk through it.

Police time well spent? At least it saved me another hour walking.”

Anyone with similar experiences can contact the GS via e-mail – contact form can be found on the Celtic League site:


(No anonymous communications please – although if reports are used anonymity will be respected)

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