• October 20, 2017

News from the Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

Two issues politically to the fore this week the minimum wage or its voluntary living wage alternative and the granting of ‘a shed load’ of work permit exemptions by DED to ‘the hospitality sector’.

Of course the hospitality area is notorious for paying the minimum wage so don’t expect any great moves there over introducing its living wage alternative.

Anyway with the living wage they are still at the talkie-talkie stage and are just about to set up an ‘independent body’ to get the initiative of the ground. Cue a few sets of safe pairs of hands – another job for ‘Bill’ perhaps he seems ubiquitous!

In any case employers are adept at finding ways to circumvent the rules look for example at the minimum wage in hospitality where due to ‘claw-back’ often the recipient does not end up with the minimum wage at all but a much reduced amount.

Strange how things like ‘claw-back’ applies to someone earning about £280 per week and yet all kinds of ‘tax plans’ and private sector expense account dodges go unhindered by Alf and Co at the Treasury.

We corresponded on this with DED sometime ago I won’t reprise the issue the links are here. Of course some people will think this is fair especially those with fat bank accounts, good wages or gold plated pensions!

‘The Isle of Man where you can’ be exploited!



Bernard Moffatt
pp Celtic League



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