• June 18, 2021

Another sponger has been chosen for government house to replace Richard Gozney who has cost Manx people the next part of two million pounds during his five year soiree at the Crown HQ.

Howard Quayle ‘CBE’ has announced that the new initiate has been selected and plans are being made for a ‘Durbar’ to enthrone him with Castle Rushen Courthouse refurbished for the occasion.

Quayle conveniently fails to mention the cost of this largesse which may be of more than a passing interest to folk queuing at foodbanks or waiting for medical care or wondering when Manx Care are going to catch up on waiting lists for operations.

It is against the feudal situation that nationalism has asserted itself over the years most recently in a spate of graffiti and daubing about a decade ago. On that occasion cops famously said:

“We hope this is just some people making a nuisance of themselves and it has no sinister reasons behind it.”

We believe it does have a link to Manx nationalism but it’s not going to help people on the Isle of Man…”

So there you have it folk who aspire to live in an independent democratic state and not have a ‘leader’ imposed on them are ‘sinister’ or a ‘nuisance’. If you have a pride in your nationality or the place of your birth it won’t ‘help you! It speaks volumes about the colonial mindset of the police most of whom are imports themselves these days!

Image: Graffiti from 2010 shows the name and date of a colony Jamaica which was granted independence 60 years ago – Inset: A new governor is announced but only folk with a CBE bauble from the English Queen know the name yet!

Bernard Moffatt

Mannin Branch Celtic League (18th June 2021)

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