• January 4, 2021

It hasn’t even dawned but you know the New Year is going to be a year of political empty promises. It’s an election year and at least some of the current crop will try to get back. First they will try to convince you that some of the things they promised to deliver back in 2016 have been honoured, However that’s going to be a hard sell as most people now are worse of than they were five years ago and for the younger generation (that have not voted already with their feet) future prospects look bleak not least on the housing front.

Part way into the year that consummate chancer Alf Cannan MHK will deliver a ‘budget of hope’ or a ‘budget of recovery’ but Alf has been playing that parlour game for years so will folk be fooled again. Alf should have a dog tooth suit by now to match his dog eared promises! This current bunch of Tories presided over by Howard Quayle MHK have enriched the few at the expense of the many but Quayle himself will think if he says ‘Covid’ or ‘Brexit’ often enough you will all forget.

Some of the current crop are dire incapable of coherent speech let alone reason, Will they chance it again surely the political game is up for some – on any reasoned assessment of their record. But there again where would ‘reasoned assessment’ come from. The Manx media are incapable of casting a bright light into the political murk and skulduggery that has been Manx political life for the past five years.

Of course waiting in the wings will be a new intake but this in itself poses a challenge. Most thought with a good ‘clear out’ of the previous Keys that we were on the road to a new political nirvana only to see its promise vaporise within months.

Of course politicians lie and cheat and misrepresent there is nothing new in that but it was tolerable at a time there was an element of justice and equality and society decade on decade improved the lot of the ‘hoi polloi’. However can you honestly say that the last two administrations have been anything other than regressive – no more than this last one.

Take it from me 2021 WILL BE the year of promises – don’t believe them!

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary (29th December 2020)

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