• February 21, 2011

In what will be seen by many as an assault on employment security the Manx government has announced a further review of its work permit legislation.

Control of Employment legislation was introduced on the Island almost forty years ago at a time when the Mann period of growth which prompted a wave of economic migrants.

The legislation although at times the subject of contention enjoys support not only from the indigenous work force but also from those workers who have moved to the Island and now satisfy the regulatory requirements of controlled

Despite a statement from the Islands economic affairs Minister, Alan Bell MHK that:

“It is crucial that we update the existing legislation so that it’s in keeping with the needs of today’s economy”

In fact the legislation has been the subject of considerable amendment and dilution with excluded categories and time periods drastically amended.

Many Isle of Man workers will see this latest move by government as an all out assault on protective legislation which is keenly needed at a time when economic migration both with Europe and globally poses a major threat to domestic

There is no doubt that some politicians within the Isle of Man government are hell bent on emasculating the work permit controls.

However it is a dangerous time for politicians to `play’ with this issue. With an election looming working voters will not be best pleased by politicians who are perceived to be giving away their employment!

Note: The Isle of Man Government are inviting consultations and the link is here:


The Manx governments spin on the proposals can be found on their propaganda pages here:


J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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