• May 4, 2015


‘Guild’ organisers seem upset at a protest against their sponsors last week. However, concerns about developers and planning seem set to go centre stage in Mann following what one MHK described as the Chief Minister throwing a ‘hissy fit’ about obstacles to planning.

Lets just all step back a moment and, to use the memorable quote from a recent highly paid civil service import, ‘get real’.

We live in a democracy so it follows that people like ‘your man at the Guild’ should have the right to protest. It also ill becomes the government to consider further tampering with planning legislation that some feel is loaded already in favour of big business and big money.

Everyone has an anecdotal tale – the replacement barn of a local man in the west of the Island turned down because the new building was ‘a few inches’ higher, meanwhile Planning Inspectors reports are overturned to allow major developments to proceed.

In probably the worst recent abusive excess the government ignored planning law all together to get its toxic tip under way in the West. Not only that but in the process of filling their ‘illegal cesspit’ road traffic offences are ignored by their ‘tame police force’.

Where will this end? Protest is not acceptable but the government and their chums can flout the law!

A year ago an obscure Irish web site produced a news article that covered the anti-finance sector related development violence in Mann over almost four decades.

There are one or two small errors but basically it’s reasonably well researched.

Here’s an extract the link to the full article is below (FH stands for Fo Halloo):

“That same year three young men, suspected of being members of FH, were fined for erecting posters condemning the Manx government. The reason they were fined was because the posters did not bear the printer’s name. On Manx Radio that day, one commentator described the three men as “the first Manxmen to be prosecuted for a patriotic act since the nineteenth century.”

Later FH claimed responsibility for destroying £500 worth of hay belonging to Charles Kerruish, a member of the lower house of the Manx parliament. An FH “calling card” was also left at the scene. The reason for targeting Mr. Kerruish was because he was instrumental in prosecuting the three men for poster offences. A few weeks later John Bolton, chairman of the local government finance board, received a bullet in the post. The attached note read: “The next one will go through you.””

So think about it: if democratic protest is stifled, if the rule of law is traduced by the State bodies supposed to uphold it, where will it end?

Link to article quoted.

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