• July 25, 2011

Mec Vannin (the Manx Nationalist Party) chose the Tynwald Day edition (earlier this month) of its newspaper Yn Pabyr Seyr to set out its `welcome’ to the Islands new Lieutenant Governor (LG). It also opened the piece with a swipe at another nationalist bête noire the BBC.

Recently the Manx government announced further changes to the LG role which are said to `strip him’ of even more of his `few remaining powers’.

However the Mec Vannin news item, though couched in light-hearted terms, reminds the more gullible in Mann that the Governors presence here is more `hands on’ than the public or Tynwald may think and when the chips are down he will be the one calling the shots for the UK.

YPS article text below:

“According to the BBC, which continues to thieve nearly £5,000,000 a year out of this country, the Manx people had a say in the appointment of the Lieutenant Governor for the first time this year. Sorry, but that particular election got past us. Actually, a panel of three pillars of Manx society were given a choice of names. Actually, a choice of name. Nice to see a clear and transparent democratic process in operation.

Of course, the latest incumbent is such a nice young man. Well, that makes it all alright then, doesn’t it? The whitewash is far too thin to hide the fact that the Lieutenant Governor remains a colonial appointment sent here to keep an eye on the natives and report back to Westminster if we dare get any ideas above our station. Those who try defend the indefensible claim that the governor’s function is essentially reduced to attending tea parties. That would explain why the Chief Constable went to seek his advice before daring to arrest former Chief Minister Richard Corkill on fraud charges.

And what terrific value for money! The LG is appointed by the UK and we pay all expenses. He gets a well appointed residence in extensive grounds, rarely has to get out of bed before midday unless he’s forced to attend a Coffee MORNING (how tiresome), is driven everywhere by a chauffeur in the latest Jaguar saloon, a day and night chef (in case he feels like a midnight snack), a housekeeper, P.A. , all necessary household staff and a huge furniture budget.

It has been calculated that each cup of coffee he slurps at the various events he graces to allow the little people bow and scrape to him costs the tax-payer upwards of £1,000.

But let’s not forget that he ISN’T there just to open fetes and grace coffee mornings. His full list of powers show that he is very much capable of wielding a lot of power on the UK’s behalf through the back door.”

YPS Tynwald edition here:


J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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