• October 16, 2015


The Chief Secretary has responded to our queries concerning costs associated with Government House and the Lt Governor. We had asked if figures released to IOM Newspapers included all costs (see link):


The full text of Mr Greenhow’s response is set out below:

“I refer to your letter of 16 September 2015 regarding the overall running costs of Government House.

As a Division of the Cabinet Office and in line with Cabinet Office policy the working practices within the administration and household areas of Government House are reviewed and monitored on a regular basis which has meant that over time more efficient and flexible working practices have been able to be introduced as opportunities have arisen. This has not been to the detriment of service within Government House nor has there been any decrease in the numbers of people attending Receptions, Investitures, presentations and many other events hosted by the Lieutenant Governor.

The information presented to the Isle of Man Newspapers in September was provided on a ‘like for like’ basis as in previous information requests and are comparable and do not include any associated costs by any other Government Departments.

As you know the Isle of Man is a British Crown Dependency and Her Majesty The Queen is our Head of State. Her Majesty’s personal representative in the Isle of Man is the Lieutenant Governor and the funding for this post and the associated costs, rests with the Dependency to which Her Majesty appoints her representative. If the Isle of Man was to determine that it no longer wished to be a British Crown Dependency then the cost will no longer apply. Until this time the status quo will remain.

Government House is an asset to the Isle of Man and is widely used to not only fulfil the community and ceremonial roles of the Lieutenant Governor but also to support Government in its extending of external relations.

I hope this helpful.”

Certainly para 3 would suggest there are additional costs at one time DOT (now DOI) carried out ground maintenance and other remedial works. Additionally at one time (notably in periods of nationalist linked agitation) there was a police presence but whether this applies at present is unclear (and unlikely to be clarified).

We would agree with Mr Greenhow on one point ‘Government House is an asset to the Isle of Man’. It’s a shame we cannot use it more productively!


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