• May 22, 2015


Allan Bell, the Isle of Man’s Chief Minister and foremost representative, appears to have discovered a revolutionary surgical technique known as a “complete discectomy”. The discovery of this revolutionary technique comes following recent indications of career ambiguity.

From national reports, Mr. Bell has become a bit passive in his political role these days, and for the unelected monarch that claims a degree of governance over the island through virtue of antiquated titles, things couldn’t be better!

A strong indication of Mr. Bell’s passive approach has come from his recent response to calls for a renegotiation of the title held by the island’s Lieutenant Governor. The key term here is “renegotiation”. All that was asked of Mr. Bell was that he initiate talks with the Crown to come up with an alternative and less colonial sounding title. Unfortunately, Mr. Bell was not so keen.

Reported in the ostensibly Manx news outfit, IOM Today, the hard of attending Mr. Bell is quoted as having said, “The appointment [of the Lt. Governor] is made by the Queen and it is for her to decide what she calls her representative.” Fair enough then: the Crown has decided and we should all just fall in line…or maybe not!

The thing is, at the very least, we would expect our chief representative to stand up to the Crown, not to bend his knee with cap in hand. We are not suggesting an angry, militant approach, just a willingness to speak up. Without writing a history lesson, Illiam Dhone is famed for standing up for the Manx in uncertain and dangerous circumstances. Directly contrasted, Mr. Bell has ensured that the history books will record that he was unwilling to stand up for the Manx in the least dangerous of circumstances, unless your interpretation of “dangerous” is solely in terms of personal status interests, not national interests.

So to Mr. Bell we congratulate him on being able to remove his backbone in a sentence. No doubt surgeons will study his effortless approach to becoming invertebrate for many generations to come. We just hope that, with his spine removed, not everyone will trample all over him!

(This article was written for Celtic League News by Peddyr Mac Niallan, Mannin Branch.)

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