• September 15, 2015


The Lord of Man seems to having something of an ‘annus horribilis’ in relation to dealings with her loyal subjects in the ‘Crown Dependency’ on Mann!

Last week it was revealed that one of her appointees, suspended Attorney General Stephen Harding is considering suing another of her appointees (her man on the ground here) the Lt Governor, Adam Wood.

This week yet another Crown appointment the Lord Bishop finds himself in the hot-seat with an online petition circulating calling him a bully and attacking the manner in which he administers that institution that most epitomises Her Majesty’s sticky hold on Mann the Church of England.

The Harding-New revelation was bad enough because you don’t come much further up the Crown pecking order than AG that is unless you’re the man he is threatening to sue!

Similarly those lining up to castigate the Bishop are not the ‘hoi polloi’ but include some of the crème de la crème of the Island establishment including a former Lt Governor, former Speaker of the Keys plus assorted others who probably regard themselves as the living epitome of ‘Manx Worthies’.

Just when you might think things couldn’t get worse the media has also published details of how much the Manx people are paying to keep the Lt Governor in a style most people are not accustomed to.

The current incumbent gets a cool £95,000 tax free plus expenses and his Mansion is costing the tax payer just under half a million pounds to run. There’s a suggestion this figure is actually an improvement on previous costs but you can bet your life that if there have been efficiencies they have not impacted the Woods families cosseted life style.

In a week that the Isle of Man government unveiled cuts to benefits which will severely impact the most disadvantaged in Manx society it a disgrace that we are paying this amount of money to maintain a Crown parasite in Government House.


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