• February 4, 2019

The attached photograph may look an idyllic image but life in the Isle of Man even sixty years ago was hard. The social justice introduced after the post WW2 reforms undoubtedly transformed life and what had been harsh environment for the old, the sick and the elderly prior to the introduction of the Welfare State was alleviated.

However in recent years we have seen the drift back towards the bad old ways. We don’t have soup kitchens but we have food banks. We don’t get charged for medical treatment but their are increasing pressures with a Cannan driven reform of Health Services currently ongoing. Homelessness is a barely concealed scandal and child poverty a disgrace in a civilised prosperous society.

Means testing has been introduced for the elderly in terms for social care older people obviously seen as a soft touch.

Its incumbent on Tynwald members if they don’t want this to be known as the rotten parliament to ensure any excesses in Cannan’s forthcoming budget are opposed.

We thought we had elected a reforming Tynwald at the last election but up to now they have simply been ‘nodding dogs’ for COMIN.

I want to see CUTS in the next budget! CUTS to the amount of money Cannan and Skelly are shovelling to the business sector and there Athol Street Chamber chums. If Cannan or any other MHKs love being Directors of companies or running cafes so much they should bugger off back to their extracurricular activities and leave politicians in post who at least understand the concept of social justice. Meanwhile the man in the street wants his take home income intact not savaged by more tax burdens to swell the bank balances of the elite of the golden mile. Enough!

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League

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