• March 5, 2015


Often government agencies and the police get accused of gerrymandering statistics but it is not often they can be accused of not issuing them at all!

However that’s the ludicrous position the Isle of Man Constabulary have adopted in relation to the spate of burglaries which have beset the Island in recent months.

Prior to Xmas there were a string of almost 40 burglaries almost certainly committed by the same individual(s). All parts of the Island, which is generally a low crime community, were affected and as the weeks went by and the toll grew unease increased.

Then over the Xmas period there was a lull but in the New Year the individual or gang struck again.

Initially police reported the incidents in the same manner but as unease and public criticism grew they changed tack. Suddenly a news blackout was invoked under the guise of a ‘change of tactics’. Police explained that they were reluctant to reveal any detailed information of the recent offences especially over social media. They said too many details have been publicised and by restricting information they would put off any would-be-offenders.

Now quite frankly this is ‘the logic of the lunatic asylum’. Would be offenders are unlikely to be deterred by having the places they have already burgled publicised. On the other hand the public being aware the perpetrators are in their area will improve vigilance.

Whilst undoubtedly rank and file police are working round the clock to apprehend those involved and bring the crime wave to a conclusion one has to ask if the quality of leadership they are getting is up to scratch. Quite frankly in other walks of life if there was this degree of incompetence at the top heads would roll!

If there is one silver lining out of this it is that the unhealthy obsession of certain senior high flyers in the police with social media to propel their careers has been put on the back burner.

Perhaps they now appreciate the old adage ‘the higher you fly the farther you fall’!

J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League


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