• September 22, 2015


The second stage of the annual Joint Warrior NATO military exercise (JW 15/2) is due to get underway next month. The departure date for military units participating in the exercise is 4/5th of October (the exercise runs to the 16th of October).

During the first stage of Joint Warrior (JW 15/1) in April large numbers of naval ships and submarines an incident occurred to the west Irish Sea (in a submarine exercise area) in which a Co Down fishing vessel was snagged by a submarine.

At the time there was considerable speculation that it was a Russian submarine but this seems to have been a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign spun by the MOD who recently admitted one of their submarine’s, the Astute class nuclear submarine HMS Ambush was responsible.

The MOD has not clarified why the submarine failed to adhere to their ‘Code’ introduced after the MFV Antares tragedy some years ago off the Clyde. They have also failed to explain why Belfast Coastguard was not given a subfax to alert fishermen to submarine exercise activity.

Next months JW 15/2 the Celtic League understands will feature major anti-submarine units. The League has learned that Maritime Reconnaissance Anti Submarine aircraft (MR/ASW) will gather at Lossiemouth in Scotland from several NATO countries.

The United Kingdom currently does not have MR/ASW capacity but our information is that:

Boeing P8 (US Navy)
Lockheed P3 (German Navy + Transall C160 logistics support)
Lockheed CP140 (Royal Canadian Air Force)
Bregeut Atlantique (French Navy)

aircraft will be operational during the exercise covering all sea areas around the British Isles.

Submarine activity is likely in the Irish Sea and also off the West of Scotland / North Donegal areas. The area from Carlingford in the Irish Sea to Cape Wrath (Scotland) is all designated as submarine exercise areas extending into the Atlantic to Donegal to Rockall

It is not known how many submarines are taking part but given the concentration of MR ASW aircraft expected the numbers will be significant.

The exercise is also likely to attract aircraft and submarines from the Russian Federation carrying out surveillance of NATO tactics


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