• June 5, 2018


Cooperation between (South) Australia and Brittany is the area of education, culture and economic matters is likely to be the result of a lengthy contract by the Royal Australian Navy to purchase up to 12 submarines from Breton based shipbuilder DCNS.

A delegation from Brittany has already travelled to (Adelaide) Australia to cement links as this report in 7 seizh indicates:


The Australian government will be acquiring 12 Shortfin Barracuda type submarines from France to replace the current Collins class (designed in Sweden) by 2030 most of the construction work will take place in Australia (by ASC Pty Ltd – Adelaide) but it will involve Australian technical workers travelling to France in connection with the design phase.. The company manufacturing (DCNS) the submarines has extensive facilities in Brest and Lorient

The Barracuda is the next generation of French ‘hunter-killer’ type of nuclear submarine. However the variant (Shortfin Barracuda) being purchased for Australian will be powered conventionally with a diesel-electric power system. The Royal Australian Navy does not use nuclear submarines.

The project is a lengthy one which is currently planned to span almost half a century and Bretons hope it will lead to cultural and tourism links in addition to economic ties.

Image: ‘Shortfin Barracuda’ conventional powered submarine

Submitted by Bernard Moffatt, Celtic League Military Monitoring



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