• January 28, 2016


Crooked financial institutions, dodgy businessmen and a government in thrall to them sounds almost like Mann today but it was Ireland before the banking collapse.

In this article Eibhlin O’Neill says despite inquiries many believe the truth is still being concealed.

Paradoxically the Manx government were recently in Ireland on a ‘fact-finding’ mission over the plans for their EDF what they didn’t say was that a large percentage of Ireland’s economic development funds are wasted.

“The people of Ireland have been forced to pay through the nose for many years following recession after 2008 and the end of the so called “Celtic Tiger”. Treacherous policies followed the Fianna Fáil – Green Party coalition and later the present Fine Gael – Labour Party government left Ireland in the hands of the Troika, an undemocratic body made up of the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. They forced the imposition of unfair taxation upon the ordinary people of Ireland to pay for a financial crisis that was not of their making.

Everyone knew though that some prominent individuals, organisations and others, often with political contacts did have responsibility for the economic recklessness that was being pursued at the time. However, they were allowed to escape responsibility, while the Irish people were collectively made to pay. It does not come as too much of a surprise then that the “Report of the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis” launched yesterday https://inquiries.oireachtas.ie/…/02106-HOI-BE-Report-Volume… has produced such a flawed report that is viewed by many to be a total whitewash.

Two members of the inquiry, Pearse Doherty TD of Sinn Féin and TD Joe Higgins, refused to sign the document, calling it “fundamentally flawed” and not mincing words stating that it failed to call to account the “cabal of speculators and bondholders assisted by leading politicians of the day” who had responsibility for crisis. As pointed out in the Irish Examiner the “Toothless and deeply flawed report is a fitting portrayal of our broken political system” https://www.irishexaminer.com/…/banking-inquiry-report-tooth… . Questions remain unanswered and the ordinary Irish people continue to pay the price while this report does nothing to place the blame upon those with real responsibility. Not least those that fuelled the property boom, which caused the inflation of the property bubble whilst totally ignoring the risks involved.

Submitted by Eibhlin O’Neill (Ireland)”


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