• March 1, 2011

Members of the Kernow Branch travelled to Cymru/Wales last week to assist with the `Ie Dros Cymru/Yes for Wales’ referendum campaign that is due to be held this week (3rd March 2011).

Members travelled to Caerffili, Cymru to help out with the campaign over a period of two days, where they leafleted and talked to members of the public about the referendum vote on Thursday. The branch reported that the mood on the streets was generally positive, but people were still a bit confused between the referendum vote and the Welsh Assembly elections, which are due to be held on 5th May 2011. A low public turnout is expected in the referendum, which some say could affect the credibility of the Welsh Assembly, even though the referendum may be positive. Leading Welsh historian, Dr Martin Jones, says in today’s (28th February) Western Mail newspaper that:

“The future of devolution needs a `Yes’ vote – not so much because of the powers that will bring but because a `No’ vote will be seen as a `No’ to devolution itself. The result will be a hamstrung Assembly, a result that does no-one any good.”

Dr Jones added:

“Institutions of government need to have popular legitimacy. Referendums can provide that but they should be used sparingly and only over issues that are significant enough for large numbers of people to care about.

“This vote is not on such an issue… The technicality at stake on March 3 was never going to win the public’s interest and the low turnout will harm devolution, whatever the result. That will be this referendum’s place in history.”

Following the referendum in Caerffili a `Thanks for Voting Yes’ party will be held at The Fly Entertainment centre in Bedwas, where Welsh folk singer and poet, Meic Stevens, will be giving his final ever concert before emigrating to Canada to join his childhood sweetheart. Members of the Celtic League have been invited to attend and should contact General Secretary, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, for more information.


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