• March 9, 2021

The Celtic League have lodged a formal protest with the Ambassadors of France in Ireland and the United Kingdom over planned restrictions on the teaching of the Breton Language recently proposed by the French Education Minister.

League branches have also been urged to support the Breton language cause and the Manx branch sent a letter to the French Embassy to the UK last week.

If the French government does not withdraw its plans the Celtic League pledges its full solidarity with Language groups opposing the changes in Brittany.

We understand more protests are planned:

Communication text below:

“For the Attention The Ambassador;

French Embassy in ………..Ambassador,

The Celtic League would like to express our outrage and concern at recent announcements by the French Depart of Education that will place limitations on the teaching of the Breton language. You will be aware that this has caused concern within Breizh and indeed this weekend we understand demonstrations opposing these restrictions took place.

This is the latest in what has been a constant litany of actions by the French state against minority languages such as Breton within the boundary of the Nation state.

In recent years there has been a growing respect globally for the value of the language and culture of minority groups and the support and development of languages is now promoted by both the United Nations and Regional bodies such as the Council of Europe.

Must France always be the odd man out displaying vindictiveness towards language rights rather that valuing the enrichment they bring to society more broadly?

The most recent action is more akin to that of totalitarian regimes of the last century or the undemocratic States such as China in their oppression of minorities. When will the French State grow up and stop fighting the cultural battles of the 20th century and join the rest of liberal democracies in the 21st century supporting and valuing the culture language and traditions of all their citizens?

Sent by Bernard Moffatt Assistant General Secretary of the Celtic League on behalf of:

The Celtic League Convenor: Cathal O Luain

The General Secretary Rhisiart TalebotAnd Officers of the General Council of the League

Our details contact etc at this website:


Note:The Celtic League is organised in the six Celtic countries in which the Celtic languages both Goidelic and Brythonic are extant. We pursue parity of esteem for these languages with the dominant language of the Nation State.

The Celtic League has official recognition as a United Nations accredited NGO via the the Economic and Social Committee of the UN (ECOSOC)”

Bernard Moffatt

AGS Celtic League (9th March 2021)

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