• March 18, 2019

Celtic League concerns about the continued operation of Hunterston nuclear power station have proved prophetic after it was revealed that cracks in the graphite core of the reactor are widening.

The Celtic League has highlighted concerns about a number of UK nuclear facilities which we believe are being operated beyond their sell by date to plug gaps in the UK’s energy needs

In November 2015 EDF the plant operator said the operation of the cracked reactor core was safe:


Latest report here from The National newspaper:


The League has also raised concerns about the operation of the Heysham nuclear plant on the Lancs coast. In November 2015 the Office of the Nuclear Regulator in the UK told us that despite problems with cracking of the boiler spine of one of the reactor boilers that ‘modifications; to the reactors ensured safe operation:


As far as the League are aware neither the Manx or Irish governments have raised any concerns with the UK government of ONR over nuclear safety.


Hunterston Nuclear power station Ayrshire
Heysham nuclear power station Lancashire

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary

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