• May 31, 2014

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It is with grave concern that the Celtic League has learned about French Government plans to further annex the nation of Breizh (Brittany) with areas of the French state, with complete disregard for the Breton people and their territory.

If such plans are announced and implemented as anticipated then the French Government will be demonstrating utter contempt for the Breton people and the League will stand firmly in support of those who oppose the undemocratic and autocratic development. As the mayor of Karaez, Kristian Troadec, stated, “Regarding territorial reform, the only solution that meets the economic, social and cultural issues of the Bretons is the reunification of the five Breton departments. Any other answer would be an affront or an actual declaration of war, if François Hollande’s words in the newspaper La Tribune are confirmed.”

The Celtic League believe that the only solution for Breton territorial reform is the reunification of Breizh to its preFascist situation, as it was before it was annexed by the Vichy regime. If the French Government are serious about demonstrating its democratic credentials, they would announce next week that a referendum will be held on reunification and not a new fangled approach designed to appease the political right wing.

The Celtic League support the mobilisation of political and civil society later today (31st May 2014) at 1600 (CET) in Brest, in a show of support against any ill-conceived French Governmental plans to make an announcement on Breton territorial reform in a move that would be an affront to the democratic process.

Breizh da viken!




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