• May 20, 2010

As more is revealed about the ill-thought out Nationalist graffiti investigations in Mannin recently it is clear that the police increasingly desperate to achieve success launched a trawl of any with links to nationalist or cultural bodies.

Manx Radio , the so-called National radio station, which was remarkedly silent at the time these events unfolded has in the past seventy-two hours suddenly found its voice again. (See link):


Allegations that youths were held incommunicado have been broadcast together with a repeat of allegations, first aired in the press, about the police policy of stop, search and question of those with suspected nationalist sympathies.

The whole sequence of events has an air of farce around it. It is almost as if Mike Langdon, the Isle of Man Chief Constable, took as his cue the famous line from Casablanca where the Chief of Police says “round up the usual suspects”.

However as with all political farce this had a human dimension and people were repressed – and for what daring to speak of freedom?

At the time some incisive media probing of what was driving this investigation and a little more willingness to appreciate the clear political correlation would have been useful – but, for the most part, the media were deaf, dumb and blind.

Of late the Chief Constable and his political master are type-lipped about these events but they had an easy ride whilst this saga unfolded with generous air time to `spin’ their version of events.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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