• January 21, 2016


Following their defeat in the last United Kingdom General Election the London based Labour Party have allegedly been trying to undertake an analysis for their defeat. Before the last election Labour had won the largest share of the vote in Scotland at every UK general election from the 1960s until 2015. Then in a landslide defeat at the 2015 UK general election, it lost 40 of its 41 seats to the Scottish National Party(SNP) (Scottish Gaelic: Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta na h-Alba). The scale of this defeat can never be underestimated. It was the first time that the party had not won a UK general election in Scotland since 1959.

It came upon the back of the Scottish Labour Parties treachery in the campaign on the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014. In a close-fought campaign, forty-five percent of Scottish voters cast their ballots for independence. Throughout the build up to the vote Labour was involved with the Conservative and Liberal Democratic Parties in a systematic campaign of deceit, half truths and down right lies in order to frighten voters away from voting for independence.

In the UK General Election they were punished for their lies. But a leopard never changes its spots because throughout that election campaign the Labour Party was also lying through its teeth. On of the big lies was of course “that a vote for the SNP would result in the Conservative Party (Tories) coming back into government”. That lie did not work however, and the Scottish voters deserted the Labour Party in droves. Now the Labour Party has published English Labour Party politician Margaret Beckett’s report into why it lost the 2015 general election. One line in that report stands out like a sore thumb. The report states when talking about the SNP that “it was highly likely that they would make it impossible for the Tories to stay in power”.

So the cat is out of the bag. Labour believed all the time that an SNP victory in Scotland would make it “impossible” for the Tories to form the government. Needless to say the Labour report makes no attempt to apologise for telling lies to the Scottish electorate during the election campaign. Oh well! No matter really, everyone knows that they are a bunch of charlatans. The Scottish Liberal Democrats also lost 10 of its 11 Scottish MPs at the 2015 general election. Also known for being highly economical with the truth even the party logo, the so called Bird of Liberty, is now widely known as the Lyrebird in Scotland.

Submitted for Celtic News by Douglas MacQueen


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