Truths no matter how unpalatable need to be faced

News from Mannin Branch of Celtic League:

The Chief Constables intervention in relation to mental health issues involving offenders and crime is a reminder that the law is not just an aggregate of ‘crime and punishment’ but also a range of interconnected health and social issues (link):…/police-boss-highlights-mental-h…/

Of course its not the first time he has ‘banged this drum’ as back in 2015 he spoke out about these issues and indeed at the time we exchanged correspondence with DHSC on that matter (links):…/mann-police-have-to-resourc…/…/mann-dhsc-respond-on-police…/

Of course the ‘hang them and flog them’ brigade will see this as a manifestation of ‘liberalism’ but sometimes such truths no matter how unpalatable need to be faced.

Oh that the courts in the Isle of Man had the wit and wisdom to match the erudite views of the Chief Constable – but then that’s to much to hope!

Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch

Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.



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