Thieves the UK were and they still are!


‘Mec Vannin put it diplomatically I will put it bluntly – COMIN AND DEFA sit on their arse!’

Mec Vannin joins the fray over the sea area issue although ‘joins’ is a misnomer because the nationalist party, Mec Vannin, has been harassing the Manx government to assert its sovereignty over the issue for decades. The party reprints a submission to the government from over a decade ago – but they were active on this issue over many years.

I remember almost decades ago they suggested that we should have our own fishery protection vessel and members of Tynwald and some in the media fell about laughing.

The Mec Vannin piece is detailed and well worth a read but if you haven’t the time or inclination to do so they make the point with instant effect via the graphic which accompanies the piece. The map shows the very substantial area that should accrue to the Island via the median principle which is used for the delineation of sea areas between States. A large sea area to the south and east of us is/should be the parameters of Manx interests but what do COMIN and DEFA do? Mec Vannin put it diplomatically I will put it bluntly they sit on their arse!

We have a fishery protection vessel now – no one’s laughing about that anymore – how about we find it a substantial area of sea to police.

The UK government are thieves they always were and they still are and Geoffrey Boot and his colleagues are confused, timid or stupid or all three!

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