Manx Government Rethink Public Sector Pensions Strategy


The Manx government has put plans to make radical changes to public sector pensions on hold. Instead Tynwald (the Manx parliament) agreed there should be wide ranging consultation and negotiations with the staff involved.

Last month the Manx Nationalist Party, Mec Vannin, criticised the government’s unilateral move to further reform pensions which had only been readjusted two years ago following an earlier enquiry.

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Manx Government Pension Policy Criticised

The mover of today’s compromise proposal was Bill Henderson MHK who is a prominent and vociferous supporter of workers rights having been a Trade Union lay organiser before being elected to the House of Keys.

Mr Henderson MHK who is also a member of the Celtic League and holds the ex-officio role of Environment spokesman for the Manx branch.

No one on the Island doubts that in the current climate of austerity, forced on the IOM Government by cuts to an agreement with the United Kingdom over VAT receipts, change to pension provision in the public sector will have to occur at some stage. What Mec Vannin opposed was the manner in which the government tried to steam-roller the changes through without consultation.

This is the second climb-down by the Manx government in as many weeks. Some days ago plans to franchise Isle of Man post office counter services in the Islands two largest towns, Douglas and Ramsey, were put on hold – this move was also opposed by Mec Vannin.

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Nationalists Condemn Post Office Plans

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