Mann: Good News! Let’s Celebrate by Kicking the Unemployed


Manx unemployment is at a staggering low level compared to other countries in Western Europe at 1.7% it’s the lowest (August) level for 5 years.

Just 776 people are unemployed at present and you would think that would be something to celebrate.

However the Manx government’s idea of celebrating this success of its fiscal policy and the achievement of virtually full employment is to announce a series of cuts to benefits for the small number of people still trying to find work.

As part of what the government describe as ‘further encouragement for claimants to move into employment the cuts are quite swingeing up to 40% in one instance.

Even those receiving job seekers allowance are not unaffected. The amount of earnings a jobseeker can have from part-time work before it affects their JSA is being reduced from £30 a week to £10 a week.

If there was a ‘Nobel Prize for being mean-spirited’ it would surely go to the current Manx government.

Of course there will be little public sympathy from the public for those whose benefits are cut. Demonizing the unemployed is a handy distraction for a government who line their own pockets with inflated salaries and have gold plated none (voluntary) contributory pension schemes and it seems to work.

It’s been a good news week economically for government. Growth has continued for the 31st consecutive year, the Isle of Mans AA1 credit rating has been reconfirmed and unemployment is at a five year low. What better way to celebrate than to ‘kick the unemployed’!


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