Did ‘Smeargate’ Go Further? Watch This Interview


Did ‘Smeargate’ go further than Alistair Carmichael and his aide? Well according to David Mundell, current Scottish Secretary, it did not.

Mundell should be in the know as he worked in the Scottish Office with Carmichael at the time that Carmichael launched the carefully planned attempt to discredit SNP Leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, which has since ‘blown up in his face’.

Mundell was the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland.

However, in answering the question posed to him today by BBC Scotland he used ‘a very carefully chosen set of words’ according to Guardian journalist Severin Carrell and he went on ‘I don’t think David Mundell is going to be able to escape further questions on that’.

Well Severin who is not noted as a Scottish nationalist sympathiser may have a point.

See what you think Mundell’s answer and the studio comment are in this video clip on the ‘Wings over Scotland’ website.

Footnote: Crowd-funding at the ‘People versus Carmichael’ site has now reached £34,666 (58% of target) so they are now well placed to launch a legal challenge in the courts.

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