Bombing of Irish Lights Vessel Remembered

The Irish Lights Service provides an invaluable safety network for mariners all around Ireland. This weekend they have been remembering the loss of the Irish Lights vessels ‘Isolda’ 80 years ago.

Although Ireland was neutral at the time and the ship was clearly marked as a LIGHTHOUSE SERVICE vessel it was bombed and sunk by a German Luftwaffe FW200 aircraft on December 19th 1940.

As part of the commemoration the current Irish Lights vessel ‘Granuaile’ laid a wreath at sea to commemorate the six crewmen who lost their lives.


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Image: Irish Lights vessel Granuaile wreath laying – Inset: Painting of the bombing of the Isolda by Kenneth King

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (21st December 2020)

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