• September 16, 2019

News from Mannin Branch Celtic League:

When a report derived from the 2016 census revealed that over 6000 properties on the Island were empty the government were gripped by panic.

Current government strategy is predicated on concreting over vast swathes of greenfield sites in the East and South of the Island. The Eastern Area Plan is the most ill thought out development since Stalin said: ‘I know let’s build the White Sea Canal’. Revelations about the ‘empty properties’ had to be countered or the growth strategy of the terrible trio Messrs Cannan, Thomas and Skelly would be compromised.

So the government fed the statistics back into the Cabinet Office and ‘hey presto’ they were magicked down to just over 600. Even by the standards of this regime that was some feat!


Of course government (this one) has ‘form’ on this. When the census also revealed (what everyone knew) that the population was declining – despite all the talk of growth – and that young people in particular were voting with their feet within a year and despite their having been no further census Alf Cannan MHK had ‘found’ another 600 people. Not only were they here said Alf but paying tax.


The United Kingdom at the moment is having fun with a Prime Minister and government who are ‘strangers to the truth’ but I would wager our shower would give them a run for their money! It’s fair to say that our Ministers ability to sit in ‘the portal’ and spout distortions would make pinocchio blush.

The Eastern Area Plan needs to be killed stone dead and any MHKs who do not oppose it should be turfed out at the next election. It’s your Island, the future for you and your children is in your hands don’t let a bunch of charlatans destroy that future!

Image: ‘The plains of heaven’

Bernard Moffatt

Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (07/09/2019)

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