• March 11, 2010

The Cornish branch of the Celtic League has written a letter of support to imprisoned Shell to Sea campaigner Pat O’Donnell currently incarcerated in Castlerea Prison Roscommon.

It follows a call from the Celtic League General Secretary for National branches and individuals to send messages of support to Mr O’Donnell.

Details of the struggle by Pat O’Donnell and the other anti-shell campaigners can be found at the Shell to Sea web site (link below):


“Dear Pat

The General Secretary of the Celtic League has written you a letter of support on behalf of the whole organisation.

However, may I take this opportunity as Secretary of the Cornish Branch of the Celtic League to write and express our solidarity with you in your situation?

You as an individual have taken a brave stand and although you do not have the support of your own Government in this issue, you enjoy more widespread support than perhaps you realised, support from real people and not those constrained by politics.

Never lose heart in the face of enormous odds, in this case the corporate monster Shell, who threaten environmental havoc in your homeland. It can never be wrong to follow your heart and rest assured, we in the Cornish Branch admire your very brave stand.

God Bless you. Our thoughts are with you.

Yours very sincerely,

Michael J Chappell (Mike)
Secretary – Cornish Branch of the Celtic League


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