• March 28, 2015


There was a vigorous debate at the AGM of the Kernow branch of the Celtic League held this week in Redruth.

Existing Officers gave a series of reports and all were re-elected for the coming term.

A range of issues were discussed outlining a branch programme for the year ahead and a range of resolutions submitted for the forthcoming inter-Celtic AGM in Dublin next month were also discussed.

This report from Michael Chappell Convenor of Kernow branch:

“The Kernow Branch of the Celtic League has held its Annual General Meeting in Redruth on Wednesday 25th March, 2015.

The Branch Convener, Mike Chappell reported on pan Celtic affairs whilst the Branch Secretary, Matt Blewett covered ‘home’ Cornish affairs.

A call was made for the following actions to be made public and vigorously pursued:

Stand up for Cornwall by:

Challenge everyone who denigrates Cornwall and/or the Cornish, whether it is in the press, or online in social media but “don’t feed trolls” – report them to the police and let us know the crime number.

Anyone who calls us a “county”, or worse “county of England” need to be informed that while we are governed as if we were a county of England, this denigrates our status as a Celtic Nation. If people want to engage the “Cornish” then they must include our views, and it is our view that Cornwall is a country, or Duchy if you prefer. Wherever you see the “C” word, please challenge it – politely at first.

Call for Cornish media; a newspaper that is independent and not a puppet of Northcliffe media – in the Scottish independence referendum all of the (London owned) newspapers were exposed as horrifically biased against Scottish self-determination, and debates in Cornwall are hampered by the biased nature of our foreign-owned media.

Keep a close watch of television media – some of us have refused to pay our TV License and so cannot watch current TV, but those who do need to keep an eagle eye and “speak the truth” to those who would impose their naked, anti-self-determination biases on an unsuspecting population.

Go to Cornish events, and if they are not respecting the Cornish then let them know – last year members were appalled at the organisation of Penryn’s Glasney memorial day which was hosted by the very forces that the commemorated Cornish were destroyed by. So go to Cornish events, but have a critical eye and DO give feedback.

Use the MAGA translation service to find the Cornish version of your address, and give it to us and to everyone else – the postal service WILL deliver mail to addresses in Cornish so long as they include a postcode.

If you have children at school, ask for the school to teach Cornish to them. If they refuse then let us know.

Report to us any instances where you have been denigrated for your Cornishness; if you are told your accent is too strong, if you are refused employment, if you are passed over for promotion and you think that it was because you are Cornish, then please let us know and we will support you.

A written minute of the meeting has already been circulated to all members and a list of agreed actions planned for the coming year.

The packed meeting room then considered the election of Branch officers for the year ahead and the current Convener, Secretary and Treasurer, Tony Leamon, were elected unopposed.

Resolutions considered and already submitted for the Celtic League’s main AGM in Dublin were:

1. This Annual General Meeting of the Celtic League calls for greater transparency and scrutiny over the powers and influence of the Duke of Cornwall regarding decisions about Cornwall made by the Westminster Government .

2. This Annual General Meeting of the Celtic League reaffirms its solidarity with Brittany and again calls for a reunified Breton State.

3. This Annual General Meeting of Celtic League affirms its solidarity with the ’45 percent’ in Scotland who despite the entire machinery of Westminster ranged against them, came within a ‘baw’s hair’ of winning the Independence Referendum and will be monitoring the Westminster Government’s actions on their promises.

4. This Annual General Meeting of Celtic League congratulates those involved with the re-invigoration of the Welsh Branch of the Celtic League and trusts they will succeed in working with others towards gaining greater autonomy for Wales.

5. This Annual General Meeting of Celtic League calls for the Celtic League constitution to be amended to allow for focus on strategy rather than function.

6. This Annual General Meeting of Celtic League will establish a working party to update our use of the internet and news broadcasts.

Additionally, the Branch Convener was asked to liaise with member of Cornwall Council with the aim of establishing a multi agency race relations panel in Kernow.

The Branch Officers received a number of questions from members which were to be conveyed to the Celtic League AGM.

As agreed, the Branch uses the hashtag #celtsunite on all social media postings including Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs to highlight our cause on the internet.


J B Moffatt (Mr)

Director of Information
Celtic League


(Please note that replies to correspondence received by the League and posted on CL News are usually scanned hard copies. Obviously every effort is made to ensure the scanning process is accurate but sometimes errors do occur)


The Celtic League has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues

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