• March 16, 2015


There’s anger in Kernow about planning approval for two supermarkets – this from Kernow Branch Convenor Michael Chappell:

“Further anger at planning decisions in Kernow

An angry backlash has followed the latest decision made by Cornwall Councillors to approve two more supermarkets for Truro together with nearly a thousand new homes.

This was coupled with surprise that there was no firm news regarding the building of a long overdue sports stadium for Cornwall.

More and more people in Cornwall are questioning the development of huge housing estates in the Duchy in the face of struggling public services. During February, Cornwall’s largest hospital at Treliske declared a ‘black alert’ as a result of being unable to cope with the number of patients it had and there are real worries over the ability of the public services to cope with the annual tourism invasion yet alone with more residents.

Even the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Hogg, has included his concerns over the effects of uncontrolled tourism in his annual report pointing out that no extra funding is made available to cope with the demands. Meanwhile, others are concerned that the reducing ‘

Meanwhile, the police service in Cornwall which faces further cuts has embarked on a campaign to protect itself and the public with huge advertisements in the local press and on public transport.

Cornwall Branch member Iwan Le Moine, a local businessman and financial analyst, has written to every MP in Cornwall as well as to a large number of Cornwall Councillors and the press with the following:

“The further derisory decisions taken yesterday, by a handful of unqualified, arrogant politicians to allow this additional rampant profiteering by large national developers and supermarket chains, at the expense of our communities& environment, and against the wishes of the vast majority of its constituents, is a declaration of war by Cornwall Council against the very people it purports to work for.

What an unmitigated disaster, not just for us, but for generations to come!

Everything that has brought tens of thousands of people to the Duchy and that locals have enjoyed for centuries, is being vandalised legally by the developers, aided and abetted by our very own political representatives and with tacit consent, in the form of complete silence, by our representatives in Westminster.

Another huge blow for our market towns and villages and a very sad day for Cornwall.

I hope that Councillors Pollard, Crich, Mason and their henchmen at Cornwall Council, fall on their own swords very soon, following this autocratic, nazi-like decision-making on our behalf. Criminals, all of them, of morality, common sense, objectivity and ‘civil service’ (and probably more…)

Yours in utter disgust and despair,

Iwan Le Moine”

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