• June 13, 2017

Personally I’m pleased that the Isle of Man government of Chief Minister, Howard Quayle MHK, has stepped up its aid to Yemen and also to East Africa but I would be foolish to believe that there will be universal support for the governments move. I suppose we are though fortunate we live in a democratic country where we can expound different views without fear.
Notwithstanding we have our own difficulties they pale into insignificance when set against the suffering in the third world and particularly in the countries targeted to receive aid (link):
However the Isle of Man government and its Chief Minister could do something else that would cost not one penny and that is speak out against the policies of the UK which are inflicting so much suffering and leading to this need for aid.
Last week the Chief Minister empathised with those who suffered in Manchester after the terrible bombing there I think ALL Manx people will have shared the sentiments he expressed:
Similarly the Chief Minister could address a concern directly to the UK about its policy of arming the Saudi government that inflicts so much suffering on its neighbour Yemen and urge the UK to work via the UN too end the conflict. Ironically it’s generally believed the funding for those groups that mounted the Manchester attack comes via countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.
A lot of people may say: ‘What’s the point the UK will not pay any heed to a small country like the Isle of Man’.
However as with Manchester sometimes its right to speak out even of your words have little practical impact.
There is another point and that is the UK government and UK politicians are never shy about giving the Isle of Man advice or pointing to our purported shortcomings. It would be pleasant to see a barbed message going the other way!
Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch
Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.

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