• January 17, 2019

The standard view it would seem throughout the land is this is not just the worst government in living memory but its arrogance is matched by its incompetence.

I know that former Chief Minister Allan Bell averred that all governments get that appellation but this is different and indeed folk that scarcely used to be able to utter Bells name without spitting in some instances look back on the days of the Brown/Bell era as halcyon – strange indeed.

I’ve garnered feedback from a wide range of sources as the awfulness of this government has unfolded – from former politicians, and Ministers, business folk and the arbiters of all reason ‘the men in the tap room’.

However over the Xmas period I ran into someone from the Employers side who when I was a Union official I was frequently daggers drawn with. Time, as they say, is a great healer and after a hesitant exchange of pleasantries we settled on the one common denominator that can moderate even old foes like myself and my erstwhile sparring partner – the state of the nation.

It never ceases to amaze me how people I believe would emphathise with this government right wing agenda are turned off it because of its inability to show a degree of acumen and its failure to cope with the basics let alone unforeseen events.

My ‘new friend’ and I parted with him saying ‘There are hard times ahead not least with Brexit. Will they cope? I don’t think so’.

Still just a few hours ago Howard assured us all is well so I’m reassured – I’m not sure about my ‘new chum’ though.

Image: We’re in their hands ever the optimist I’m reassured – but not everyone is it seems!

Bernard Moffatt

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