• December 20, 2022

An Irish Miltary Police investigation team arrives in Lebanon today (Saturday) one of a number of investigations into the incident in which Private Seán Rooney who was serving wth the Irish (UNIFIL) contingent was killed. Lebanese authorities say those responsible will be punished and stressed the continued value that Lebanon places on the UN Force:

This report from L’Orient-Le Jour:

“Outgoing Lebanese Prime Minister Nagib Mikati and Army Commander-in-Chief Joseph Aoun have promised to “punish” those involved in the killing of an Irish peacekeeper in the village of Aaqibiyé in southern Lebanon, dominated by the pro-Iranian Hezbollah, during a meeting on Friday with the Commander-in-Chief of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), General Aroldo Lazaro, at UNIFIL HQ in Naqoura, on the Lebanese-Lebanese border. Israeli, reports the Twitter account of the Grand Serail.

Private Seán Rooney was killed Wednesday night as part of a convoy of two armored vehicles that came under “small arms fire” on its way to Beirut with eight people on board, according to the Irish Security Forces. This 23-year-old peacekeeper was shot in the head when seven projectiles pierced the vehicle carrying him, a Lebanese judicial source told AFP on Thursday afternoon.

In Naqoura, MM. Mikati and Aoun were received by General Lazaro, to whom they presented their “deepest condolences”. They also wished “a speedy recovery” to the three soldiers who were injured in the assault, one of whom is in critical condition. Mr. Mikati assured General Lazaro that he “appreciated the sacrifices of members of UNIFIL, a strategic partner of the [Lebanese] army, in maintaining security and stability in the south”, stressing “the continued coordination and cooperation between the two forces”.”

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