• April 19, 2021

I was quite amused to read the apparent concern about Sinn Fein using Facebook to target voters in Ireland apparently some of the other political parties such as Fine Gael in the 26 counties are quite indignant about this.

Privacy of course is important which makes it all the more surprising that political parties like Fine Gael are not interested in the massive 20 million pound data processing centre that MI5 set up in the North of Ireland about 12 years ago.

Anyone that thinks the ‘spooks’ are just doing good works keeping the peace and their efforts are restricted to the six county border obviously was not paying attention to the shenanigans during the troubles when routine communications in and from Ireland North and South were of top priority for the ‘Thames House gang’. So much so that they built the famous Capenhurst tower in Cheshire when means of snooping were not as sophisticated as they are these days:


More recently of course Senior Irish Army Officers expressed concerned about snooping although they were promptly told to shut up by Leinster House:


Rather than worry about Facebook I think Fine Gael and their coalition chums should be more concerned about what’s ‘going down the fibre optic’ from Belfast to GCHQRelated links:


Image: Spy in the sky – MI5 info centre in Belfast under construction about a decade ago – Inset Never mind ‘Mary Lou’ its ‘Ken’ that needs to be watched he even looks scary! (Kenneth MacCallum Director General of MI5)

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League Military Monitoring (19th April 2021)

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