• September 16, 2022

Is This the Mystery Donegal Submarine?

Highland Radio is a local radio service for the County Donegal. Some weeks ago they did any interview with Bernard Moffatt the Assistant General Secretary off the Celtic League on submarine activity of the Donegal coast. Below is an extract from that interview.

'Gotcha' Submarine off Donegal

The mystery submarine reported close inshore off Donegal yesterday was photographed, according to the Donegal Daily, which carries the story and photo today. It is not the best photo in the world but definitely looks like an SSN and it is about 8km offshore well inside the Irish territorial sea area.


This image was captured on Saturday so the submarine could have been the USS Georgia which turned up in Faslane (RN) submarine base for what is described as a routine visit on Sunday

It is unlikely that the MOD or US Department of Defense will comment to the media however I suppose An Taoiseach could ask Joe Biden!

Bernard Moffatt , Assistant General Secretary – Military Monitoring (31/08/2022)


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