• November 25, 2017

Latest update on the inquest into those lost on the Breton trawler Bugaled Breizh a suspected casualty of submarine activity during a NATO exercise:


The report also highlights the still unresolved circumstances of the loss of the Cornish trawler Pescado. In truth however there are up to a dozen tragedies which were also inexplicable over the period of the Cold War when submarine activity by both NATO and Warsaw Pact vessels was at its most intense. Celtic League documented many such incidents not least the Mhari L and South Stack in the Irish Sea ( SE of the Isle of Man) and the Cite D’Aleth in the Celtic Sea. These mysterious will now remain probably remain unsolved although the families of those lost have had to carry a heavy burden because of the uncertainty for decades.

Celtic League provided information to the Coroner for Cornwall ahead of the Bugaled Breizh inquest and we trust that in this case there will be answers.

Image: The three partners of crew members of the Bugaled Breizh visit Lizard Point where the fishing boat was lost 12 miles out to sea with all crew. Pictured are Martine Bovaziz (black jacket),Martine Chartier (blue jacket hat) and Suzanne Cille (scarf)

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Historical links (including an interview with a youthful Mr Moffatt) from almost three decades ago when the Celtic League campaign was at its height:



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