• January 15, 2015


State broadcaster gives Government ‘generous’ airtime to attack ‘opponents’.

Contributors and those attending the 2015 Illiam Dhone commemoration on 2nd January at Hango Hill (the execution site of Manx patriot William Christian) remarked that it was one of the best held in recent years.

Indeed that perception is vindicated by the fact that not one but two senior government Ministers were wheeled out earlier this week to react to comments made at the ceremony.

In the early morning Mandate programme on Manx Radio (the governments radio station) both the Treasury Minister and the Minister for Economic development appeared to respond somewhat defensively to what was perceived as an attack on government policy (Manx Radio clip link below). In doing so however they seemed to send slightly contradictory messages with the Economic Development Minister painting a promising picture of the road ahead whilst his Treasury colleague seemed to signal possible further austerity.

A warning from Hango Hill that government should be wary of ‘going too far’ with the cuts agenda was also strangely juxtaposed with an attack on government policy by ‘opponents’ of government.

However, as predicted opposition continues and in the latest development a march is planned in Ramsey opposing privatisation of postal counter services. Who knows depending on the success of that event the Manx public may get a taste for ‘the politics of protest’.

Bizarrely, the Treasury Minister also seemed to suggest that anyone criticising government should produce their own ‘properly costed’ alternative although how this can be done without the Treasury opening all its books including a detailed inventory of income and expenditure is unclear and was not explained? It’s of course not only the effort but the time. Time and effort the Treasury Minister and his senior mandarins are handsomely remunerated for as guardians of our fiscal destiny!

Pointedly, what has not been touched on in any government reaction to date is the clear message from Hango Hill that the origins of some of the current fiscal difficulties in Mann was the UK decision to revise the VAT agreement (See MT TV report link below) – again full detailed publication of all the talks and calculations surrounding that decision at some time needs to be made public.

Were we getting to good a deal or were we shafted by the UK government in the way they have subsequently tried to behave towards N. Ireland and Scotland (also mentioned in the Hango Hill speeches).

Publication of the full VAT negotiations picture would be helpful – not edited highlights!
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