• January 6, 2022

Paul Moulton (IOM TV) as he has previously gives a good slab of coverage (in two parts) of the events today at Hango Hill. Weather for this event can be a curse on the exposed road to Derbyhaven – you can have it flat calm, rain and wind or just wind. Today it was fine but windy (very windy) the sound suffers in the second item but nonetheless if you persevere you get the gist. The first section considering Mark remarked this was a shortened event is one of the best orations and summaries for many a year.

With a short event because of the current health situation Mark Kermode for Mec Vannin focused on the historical aspect he mentions ‘traitors’ of course but he’s not talking about Illiam Dhone!

My colleague, the Mannin Branch Secretary said around 50+ people turned out including a couple of politicians.

As I remarked in this year’s run up to the event, early ceremonies had a dozen or fifteen presents so I’m not interested in the numbers game. I’m not really interested in the media either. To give Moulton his due though he must have the best historical record of Illiam Dhone commemorations shot over the past few decades.

Here are the links to his two Youtube posts.

Well done Mark (and well done Paul)!

Bernard Moffatt

Post via Mannin Branch Celtic League Facebook page (2nd January 2022)

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