• January 10, 2020

Someone asked in a comment under an update on our information about super trawlers what could be done to address the issue. The answer is for LEGAL fishing not a great deal until national governments restrict access to their stocks what a sizeable number of the super trawler fleet is doing is lawful. The EU regulates most NE Atlantic waters but in other rich areas of fishing of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans multinationals can access huge national stocks often using corrupt practices as happened in Namibia. This is after all an industry worth billions.

However in parallel with lawful fishing there is a vast market in illegal fishing. The maritime conservation group SEA SHEPHERD which is not afraid to be cutting edge and engage in direct action undertakes a specific campaign against IUUF (Illegal Unregulated and Unreported Fishing)

They have had some notable successes. The photo shows the factory ship Damanzaihao (formerly La Fayette) it’s a former oil tanker turned into a floating processing plant that with its large fleet of attendant trawlers could process half a million tonnes of marine life a year.

Sea Shepherd were able to have the Damanzaihao seized by Peru and the vessel is now deflagged.

You can find details of Sea Shepherds various campaigns and if you like what you read support them with a small donation.

Image. Factory ship ‘Damanzaihao’ with trawler alongside – foreground Sea Shepherd vessel ‘John Paul Dejoria’ a converted former US Coast Guard Cutter



Bernard Moffatt Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (8 December 2019)

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