• February 14, 2016


Manx Radio news is apparently going to change the lead in to its news it will apparently use the opening lyrics of the Gavin DeGraw tune link below:


After months (if not years) of flannel from government Ministers including the Daily Bell allowed to prattle on unchallenged and usually unbalanced in terms of content the station has finally sunk its teeth deep into a politician.

Zac Hall MHK has apparently been caught out – wait for it – plagiarising in his speech on same sex marriage in the debate this week.

The station has gone to great lengths even providing a helpful comparator to Halls speech and that which he plagiarised from an Irish religious publication (link):


Hall is one of the ‘gang of four’ who going against received orthodoxy are opposing the same sex message legislation. Personally I don’t support the views of him or his colleagues but I’ll be damned (pun) if I drag him of to the village stocks because he has done a ‘cut and paste’ to get across a message a fair bit of which he must have had in common with the writer in the publication in question.

At a time when Tynwald are merrily shovelling millions of pounds towards the ever open mouths of the Chamber of Conmen and the Industry Minister is dismantling the work permit system like a child that’s hasn’t quite grasped how to keep a Lego structure together I can think of more pressing uses for media (including MR) time.

But as the song says ‘this is the start of something good’ so I hope we see really hard hitting analysis of the next garbage that Allan Bell spews out on the airwaves not to mention the ‘great illusionist’ (Eddie Teare’s) forthcoming budget.

Seriously who doesn’t plagiarise material I do and I’m certain in preparing a snappy intro or script journo’s at MR and elsewhere do.

If Zac Hall is getting this treatment lets hope the principle is applied to others. I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers – there you go Mahatma Ghandi plagiarised!

Photo: Zac Hall lookalike Mahatma Ghandi – he had a few choice words about reporters albeit I think tongue in cheek!


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