• October 26, 2015

“Some 5000 people protested in Karaez/Carhaix, Breizh/Brittany, on Saturday and people took to the streets to demand that the French Government proceed with the ratification of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

“Similar protests took place across the French state among, with 5000 protesters in Baiona/Bayonne, 15000 in Montpelhièr/Montpellier, 1000 in Strasburi/Strasburg and a few hundred in Corsica. Their collective aim was to remind theJacobin French Government of its total lack of respect of the rights of minorities on its territory, a week after the decision by the French Senate in Paris decided not to proceed with the ratification of the European Charter. In Breizh the protester’s grievance towards the Government was already high with the memory of the failed territorial reform of 2014 and the non-reunification of Brittany.

“Karaez has become a focal point in recent years for major gatherings and currently hosts successful festivals such as the Vieilles Charrues (Old Ploughs) festival in the summer and the hugely successful Breton Book Festival, which took place this weekend. Protests also take place in Karaez/Carhaix and many remember the 30,000 strong Red Cap gathering, which was held there in 2013. This autumn the slogans of the protesters were clear enough and mirrored the frustration that people in Breizh now feel – ‘No More Contempt’, ‘Nantes in Brittany’ and ‘Politicians – No More Betrayals’.

“People will cast their votes for the regional election in December, which gives a chance to Christian Troadec (leader of the Red caps in 2013 and Mayor of Karaez/Carhaix) together with the ‘Yes Brittany/Oui la Bretagne/Breizh, Evel-just’ platform, to address  the demands of protesters this weekend. This platform is the only real Breton contender in the elections and stakes are high.”

(News item provided by Dominig Kervegant)

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Issued by: The Celtic News



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