• March 22, 2016


You have to hand it to that Howard Quayle, Minister for Health, he doesn’t half have several strokes of luck and he generally has a great anecdotal tale to tell about them.

Some months ago when he was wittering on about bed-blocking and proposing legislation to make it easier to chuck people out of hospital he regaled us with an anecdotal tale of going round Nobles and finding someone who had been blocking a bed for a year and occupying a space that was desperately needed. He regaled the media with cancelled operations etc all related to this one bed.

As I pointed out at the time his story didn’t add up because when a few weeks earlier there had been rumours of bed shortages because of the motor cycle period the hospital denied them and said it had coped as it always does.

Anyway since Howard has cracked ahead closed Ward 20 and now there are periodic bed shortages so I suppose his anecdote his proved prophetic.

This week in Tynwald he was waxing lyrical about over prescribed medicines and one of those ‘magical’ moments he has was relayed to the House.

This time he claimed a constituent clearing up ‘after an elderly person had died’ and found thousands of pounds worth of unused drugs left over. Obviously the constituent must have been a pharmacist because your average man in the street probably doesn’t have the first idea how much drugs cost –must confess I don’t.

Anyway the issue was spiced up media wise as the discovery of this unused ‘drugs hoard’ was described as ‘frightening’!

Obviously there is a serious point here and over prescribing should be controlled but I understand that most GP practices are pretty assiduous at having repeat prescription patients in for a regular periodic review every few months – unless that is something has changed?

Perhaps GPs are to preoccupied writing letters to Eddie Teare saying how good ‘fitness to work’ schemes are to keep an eye on there prescription output!

I doubt it I would imagine that our GPs can be counted on to ensure that everyone receiving regular medication also receives a regular review.

Who knows perhaps Howard will bump into a GP who will tell him that then he’ll have another anecdotal tale for next months Tynwald!

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